Island Tour

This three hour tour around Boracay offers fantastic photo ops! Capture shots from atop the highest mountain on Boracay, check out Boracay Wildlife Expo and see a giant saltwater crocodile, arachnids, monkeys and a plethora of local tropical birds. Then complete the trip with a visit to remote Puka Shell Beach, for an excellent opportunity to capture the setting sun.

Php3,000.00 For 1 – 2 Persons With Guide Services
Php4,000.00 For 3 – 4 Persons With Guide Services
Php5,000.00 For 5 – 6 Persons With Guide Services

Ariels Point

Fairways and Bluewater Boracay Isalnd Country Club and Resort offer one of the most beautiful 18 hole, par 72 golf courses in the Philippines. Here you can play golf and joy the beautiful ocean vista’s surrounding this golf course. When it comes to golfing on Boracay, well it’s great all year long, even during low-season. Just be sure to check your your play dates with the weather forcast to be sure you will not be rained out. The Boracay video below is an overview of Boracay Isand and shows a great deal of the Fairways and Bluewater Boracay Philippines Golf Course. For more information, please click on

Php1,500.00 Per Person

ATV and Buggy Car

Don’t just stay on the White beach! Explore paradise while driving an ATV or Bug Car to some of the most amazing locations on the island. This package includes a visit to the Ocean Tower where you will get a bird’s eye view of Boracay.

Php1,250.00 Per Person For ATV
Php1,250.00 Per Person For Buggy Car (Min. 2 Pax)

Banana Boat Ride

This is a wet and wild fun ride for both adults and children! A must-do experience on any tropical vacation! Don’t forget to protect your non water-resistant gadgets!

Php250.00 Per Person For 15mins. (Min. 5 Pax)

Sunset Party Booty Cruise

This is the ultimate Boracay Tour with the best sunset view for that postcard photograph to take home. A fantastic trip that you will never forget! Drink all you can beer and local rum while listening to great music and meeting new friends. With up to 40 passengers, Booty, the pirate vessel will take you on an unforgettable sunset cruise. This is a great opportunity to take amazing sunset photos and live large on this Super Party Banka!

Pick Up @ 1600hrs (Station 1 or TBA When Weather Is Bad)
Drop Off @ 1830hrs
Php1,800.00 Per Person (Includes Beer & Local Run Drink All You Can)

Glass Bottom Boat

If you want to see spectacular corals and fishes but can’t swim or dive, then try the Glass Bottom Boat. The boat is hard to miss since it looks much like Nemo (Clown fish). There are discounts for children and the admission fee includes drinks and snacks for the 2 hour trip. There are multiple pick up locations along White Beach.

Php750.00 Per Person
Php350.00 Per Person (5Years & Below)

Go Kart

Challenge your friends to a race and grip the steering wheel tight as you whip around sharp corners and accelerate on the straight aways to the finish line! A perfect way to see who has the skills to be an Indy driver.

Php800.00 Per Person For 15mins.

Helicopter Tour

Beach Tour Experience 10mins helicopter tour of White Beach side of Boracay Island. Know how it feels to be a bird over Boracay! A trip of a lifetime with great opportunities for taking spectacular photographs!

Php3,500.00 Per Person (Min. of 2Pax & Max. of 3Pax)
Island Tour Experience 15mins tour of the entire Island and discover the beauty of Boracay! Fly over Tambisan Reef, Bulabog Beach, Puka Beach, Diniwid Beach and the famous White Beach! Don’t forget your camera!

Php5,000.00 Per Person (Min. of 2Pax & Max. of 3Pax)

Helmet Diving

Be escorted away to the dive site. Climb down a ladder until the water is at shoulder height, once in this position a helmet that has clear glass plates is placed over your head. Climb down the ladder even further down until you are standing on the ocean floor (around 10 ft. below the surface). Walk along Boracay’s sea bed accompanied by a guide. This is a wonderful excursion and a close-up view of underwater life.

Php800.00 Per Person (Include Underwater Pictures & Video Via CD)

Island Hopping

The most popular activity to do in Boracay! Cruise off the shores of Boracay in a local Bangka boat checking out beaches, snorkeling and just enjoying the beautiful sites around the Islands for three hours. This includes a stop at Crystal Cove Island where you will explore two amazing caves you can swim in and then relax on this fantastic Island paradise!

Php2,500.00 For 1 – 6 Persons
Add On Php200.00 Per Person For Entrance Fees To Crystal Cove.
Php3,000.00 For 7 – 12Persons
Add On Php200.00 Per Person For Entrance Fees To Crystal Cove.
If you are looking to make a day trip out of this, book our four hour tour which includes a scrumptious seafood lunch including one large crab for each, BBQ shrimp, Pork and a table spread worthy of royalty! Drink local Beer and soft drinks while you enjoy this fantastic feast!

Php1,800.00 Per Person (Min. of 5Pax)

Jet Ski

One of the most popular water sports for any tropical destination is Jet-skiing. Enjoy this fun ride with rentals at reasonable prices.

Php1,500.00 For 15mins Per Unit
Php2,500.00 For 30mins Per Unit

Segway Tour

The Segway track incorporates an off-road tour. It has bumps, ramps, turns and a bridge that leads to a tunnel and decked area which leads to a cave that riders can ride into. The bridge is suspended over a waterfall and pond. The 45 and 60 minute packages we will leave the track to visit some of Boracay’s best attractions.

Php500.00 For 15mins Per Unit
Php800.00 For 30mins Per Unit
Php1,500.00 For 60mins Per Unit
Php2,000.00 For 90mins Per Unit

Luxury Sailing

If you are looking for a truly memorable experience try sailing in luxury on a 42 ft Fountaine Pajot Venezia Catamaran. This gorgeous cruising catamaran is fully equipped to provide you with first-class unlimited voyaging on wide open oceans, while enjoying comfort and safety under all conditions.

Day Sailing @ Php5,500.00 Per Person (Min. 4Pax)
Sunset Cruise @ Php3,500.00 Per Person (Min. 4Pax)

Paraw Sailing

Sail around the island or just get front seat view of one of the world’s most amazing sunset, with this traditional Philippine double outrigger boat. A Boracay vacation is not complete without riding on one of these sailboats.

Php1,200.00 For 1 – 4 Persons (Before 1630hrs)
Php2,400.00 For 1 – 4 Persons (After 1630hrs)


Hover above Boracay’s blue water as you are harnessed to a colorful canopy chute and lifted through the air while being pulled along by a speeding boat far below. This is a great way to enjoy this tropical paradise high above with the view of surrounding islands!

Php2,500.00 Per Person For 15mins

Tornado Jet Boat

Here is an exciting way to get an adrenaline rush! Enjoy ripping up the ocean on a jet boat as fast as lightning and can twirl you around 360 degrees. Hold on tight for a ride of your life!

Php1,500.00 Per Person For 15mins (Min. 2Pax)

ZorbZipline Combo

This is an excellent way to feel the rush of an amusement park ride, right here in Boracay Island! Be strapped inside a giant inflatable ball and roll down a hill onto a private White Beach. You can also try the water-filled Zorb and splash around as you tumble down to the beach. Try the newest craze to hit Boracay! Zip down above tropical jungle and a pristine white beach, enjoying a spectacular view with a spike of adrenaline that will make for an everlasting memory. With an elevation of 80 feet above sea level and a cable distance of 300 meters, it is designed to enable two riders attached to harnesses and pulleys to simultaneously traverse from top to bottom on a declining hanging cable.

Php1,500.00 Per Person